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About Lithodora

Greetings: My name is Emily, and welcome to my website!

I have my B.A. in both History and Spanish from Seton Hill University. I also possess PA Instructional I Certification (Spanish K-12 and Social Studies 7-12) and an M.Ed. in Foreign Language, both from the University of Pittsburgh. I have spent time in Brazil, France, and Mexico. I have been working as a professional freelance interpreter/translator under my given name since July 2009. In July 2014, I decided to establish my own business.

I reside with my husband in the North Hills area of Pittsburgh, PA.

What Sets Me Apart From the Competition:


I will include cultural and linguistic insights by using footnotes in documents, in order to promote a deeper understanding of the translation.


I proofread everything before submission, and have created my own system to help avoid accidental omissions.


My company is a business of one, so prospective clients know that all correspondence and work are done solely by me. Since I work from home and have no employees, I am able to keep my rates very competitive.


Unless a client tells me otherwise, everything is translated verbatim, or word-for-word, to the best of my ability. Sometimes, translators will paraphrase their translations, which can create major legal problems, depending on the documents. I do not take liberties with my translations, unless the client asks.